Monday, March 10, 2014

ARC Review: Time After Time by Wendy Godding

Title: Time After Time
Author: Wendy Godding
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Publication Date: April 1, 2014
Format: ARC
Links: Goodreads
SynopsisShe has died countless times before, and she is not going to let it happen again.

Abbie Harper dies just before her eighteenth birthday. It has happened before, more times than she can remember — and always at the hands of the same man. Her dreams are plagued with past lives, cut short.

But this latest dream feels different. Her past life as Penelope Broadhurst — an English pastor’s daughter in 1806 — keeps bleeding into her present life in ways both sinister and familiar. As Penelope meets and falls in love with the dashing Heath Lockwood, so too does Abbie meet the brothers Marcus and Rem Knight. One wants to love her; the other to kill her.

Time is running out for Penelope, but as Abbie mourns her inability to change the past, she chases the slim chance to save her future. To survive, she must solve the puzzle of an ancient love story…and Penelope just might be able to help. (Goodreads)

My Review

I received an ARC from Escape Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Time After Time follows Abbie Harper, a 17-year-old who has crazy dreams about girls from different times. They all share some things in common, like the fact that they all kinda look alike and that they're always murdered prior to their 18th birthdays by the same dude. As it turns out, these girls are her in her past lives and she's on a quest to stop the same thing from happening this lifetime around.

All in all, I'd say that this book is simply just ok. I thought I would be completely drawn in to the whole reincarnation plot, but I wasn't. Honestly, I was bored for most of the book and definitely would have rather read anything else.

As far as characters go, I couldn't get too attached to anyone, really. Abbie's devil-may-care attitude annoyed me from the get go. I mean, I get that she's totally into being this alternative kind of person, but pretty much everyone who doesn't agree with her or anyone who merely tries to suggest something better for her is met with disdain, eye-rolling, and a bad attitude. She wants everyone to fit into her idea of a person, and yet she frowns upon people who want to fit in another roll? Super annoying! I don't even know how she has friends…or boys chasing her, for that matter.

I was a bit so-so about the other characters. While they were fairly well written, I honestly just did not feel attached to anyone.

I did enjoy the way that the author switched between story lines, from Abbie in the present day to Penelope, one of Abbie's past life girls. I enjoyed Penelope's story and would have loved to learn more about the other girls. That certainly would have made the read more interesting.

Overall, this book was simply just ok. I don't think that I would read it again, but that's just me. I gave it 2 out of 5 Stars on Goodreads.

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