Friday, February 28, 2014

Dream Cast: Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Hey! So, I know that today's blog entry was supposed to be all Mini-reviews buuut that's boring and I don't want to do that! Also, I'm too lazy to do mini reviews right now, sorry?

Instead, let's have a little fun! It is Friday after all. My idea of fun? Making a dream cast. Yeah, let's talk about how this came about, maybe?

Last night, as I was reading Under The Never Sky (finally) (also, OMG!), I stumbled across the beautiful specimen that is Roar and the first person that popped into my head was Colin O'Donoghue. In my mind, I then began to cast other celebrities into different characters. You know, just in case they ever decide to make a movie of this book (which would be epic if they did it right). And so I decided that my dream cast would be the focus of today's blog post. So yay! Enough of my yappin' now, let's get down to business...

Aria played by Lucy Hale
So yeah...I know that Lucy Hale already plays a character named Aria on her TV show Pretty Little Liars, but I just couldn't help but picture Lucy as this Aria! Like Aria, Lucy has got long dark hair and is a bit smaller in stature. Plus, Lucy Hale could bring out all of Aria's most fierce traits!

Perry played by Alex Pettyfer
There's something about Perry's blonde locks and rugged good looks that reminded me of Alex Pettyfer. I can't really explain it at all. Also, I'm sure that no one would complain about Alex Pettyfer being half-naked for a good majority of the film. That is all.

Roar played by Colin O'Donoghue
Roar and Colin O'Donoghue inspired this list, so I definitely cannot leave them out. Colin O'Donoghue is a beautiful man when he dresses up, but as luck would have it he's even more beautiful when he's dressed as a rugged pirate. OMG. I'm not even gonna explain myself. I need Colin O'Donoghue as Roar. That is all. 

Talon played by Jared Gilmore
Yeah...two Once Upon A Time actors in one movie seems pretty biased but seriously, look at how cute this kid is! If they ever made the movie, Talon would have to be aged up but that's ok with me as long as it's Jared Gilmore!

Vale played by Chris Hemsworth
Can't you see this guy as a Blood Lord?! I can! Which is obviously why I picked him...but seriously. Chris and Alex share similar ruggedly good looks. Chris Hemsworth can stay.

Lumina played by Carrie-Anne Moss
I don't really have a reason for this...I just look at her and immediately think Lumina.

Consul Hess played by Alec Baldwin
I know that Mr. Baldwin here like swore of fame and media or whatever and I'm pretty sure it's just cause I've been marathoning 30 Rock between reading, but I can't help but picture Alec Baldwin as Consul Hess always. He's got that scary, commanding presence that I imagine from Consul Hess. And he's a regulation hottie for an older dude.

Marron played by David Tennant
I just NEEEEEEEEEED more David Tennant in my life. Everyone does. He's staying.

Well, yep! There ya's my perfect Dream Cast for Under The Never Sky. Should they ever make this into a movie, they should ask me to be the casting director! Look for my review of Under The Never Sky next week!

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