Sunday, February 9, 2014

Coming Attractions

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I've come to the conclusion that if I'm going to be serious at all about this whole book blogger thing, I need to, well, be more serious about it! This, of course, is easier said than done considering that I also write a personal blog, do school work online, and am constantly drafting new articles to submit to Thought Catalog (at this point I haven't submitted any...whoops!). However, I decided that if I was a little more organized all around, I could probably get stuff done. I mean, it's not like it hasn't happened before!

And thus, coming attractions was my mind. Basically, every Sunday, I'll be posting a line-up of blog entries you can expect this week (which will be updated with links as those entries appear), book hauls, my favorite links from the previous week...etc! I'm hoping that this will keep me diligent!

Coming Soon on the Blog

Monday: Book Review--Cress
Tuesday: Ten on Tuesday with The Broke and the Bookish
Thursday: Mini-Reviews -- Scarlet, The Princess Diaries books 1-3
Friday: Five on Friday -- 5 Books on My Bookshelf that I'm dying to read/re-read
Sunday: Coming Attractions 002!

Book Hauls

I got to go to Barnes and Noble this week! This is a huge deal because I don't have a B&N near me at all, so every time that I get to stop by one...I go a little crazy! This time, I got books that will guarantee a laugh--perfect for reading in between those emotionally heavy books (I'm lookin' at you Lunar Chronicles...). Demetri Martin is my all time favorite comedian. He's hilarious! And who doesn't love Ellen?!

I won this book from a GoodReads giveaway! I'm planning on sending it to my mom...but I think I'll have to give it a look through before then!

What I Read This Week

I had already started reading Scarlet when I left for vacation, but I wasn't expecting to get much reading done because I was on vacation. But I just could not put the book down! I was then going to wait to buy Cress when I got home, but I was impatient and I couldn't...once again, I couldn't put the book down! Look out for a review for Cress TOMORROW!

Oh...I've also been reading The Princess Diaries...for funsies. Hah.

What I'm Reading This Week
This Is A Book by Demetri Martin

I'm also hoping to start on a Rainbow Rowell book marathon...or I'll head down to my local library to see what I can find!

All in all, this week should be great! 

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