Monday, February 10, 2014

Top 10 Tuesday: Books That Will Make You Swoon

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly link-up hosted by The Broke and Bookish. It's an opportunity for bloggers everywhere to share the books that they loved...and even some that they maybe didn't love so much! This week's topic is books that will make you swoon.

one. hush by stacey r. campbell -- As far as teen romances go, this one is just plain adorable. First of all, what high schooler doesn't dream of becoming a princess with her very own prince charming? Second of all, the relationship that develops between the main characters, Max and Blakely, is adorable and so sweet. 50% of the time, my heart was racing for these two...the other 50% I wanted to throw up everywhere because it was too much cute.

two. divergent by veronica roth -- I am quite aware that this book isn't meant to make me swoon, but with a guy like Four in the picture, how can you not?!

three. the eternal ones by kirsten miller -- The author hasn't written an Eternal Ones book in a very long time which is completely unfair because I'm in love with Iain Morrow and I need more of him in my life.

four. the probability of miracles by wendy wunder -- Asher. Just...Asher. Also, please read this book! It's beautiful.

five. the mark of athena by rick riordan -- I'm positive that this isn't going to be on the "typical" list of swoon-worthy books but I had to have it on mine. Because I am in love with Percy Jackson. I also love Annabeth. Basically, I will go down with the ship that is Percabeth.

six. little women by louisa may alcott -- Although romance wasn't at the forefront of the Little Women books, I'm pretty sure that the first swoon-worthy literary character that I ever came across was Laurie. 

seven. the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger -- Yet another one of those books that aren't typically meant to make a person swoon. Also, I'm pretty sure that Holden Caulfield was meant to be the most annoying MC in the history of MCs. However, I'm just gonna ignore all of that and say that I loved Holden. He was the bad boy that 15 year old Tasia just dreamt of dating. That's why he makes the list.

eight. the lunar chronicles by marissa meyer -- I kinda feel like it's cheating, using the entire series as one...but I also need to save some very important list space. Also, I could never just choose one book! I am in love with every single book in the Lunar Chronicles, not to mention the lovely men (and women) that make up these books. Also, if anyone wants to send me Emperor Kai as a late birthday present, I would gladly accept!

nine. naupaka by aunty nona beamer -- The Hawaiian culture is full of love stories that could make anyone swoon, but this is my favorite one by far. It's a story of forbidden love and about how true love is eternal...even if you're separated in life.

ten. the fault in our stars by john green -- I would feel incomplete if I didn't include this on my list.

^^ Pretty much me after reading the books above.

What swoon-worthy books are on your list this week? I could always use a good swoon!


  1. I have Divergent on my list this week too. Mainly because of Tris and Four. Their relationship made me swoon! Great list :-)

  2. I think books that aren't meant to be swoony end up being the most swoon-worthy books for me. Divergent definitely made me swoon, as did House of Hades! And Laurie... oh, he is quite wonderful! Great list!

  3. I completely forgot to add Divergent to my list, but it should definitely be on there. I'm totally in love with Four. And The Mark of Athena is such a swoon-worthy book, especially because of Percabeth. Great list, and thanks for stopping by!